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We have service electroplating industries for long period and accumulate excellent knowledge and practical experience. We are expertise to supply, design and built different types of Electroplating Line including installation and commissioning. Beside this we also offer rebuilding, upgrading, refurbishing and modification of existing equipments. The productivity, part of plating, type of plating, space and many factors required to consider as expertise during design and select of the proper type of plating line. Our professional experience and knowledge will designed the cost effective, minimum maintenance, high productivity and excellent quality plating line.

Electroplating Line
There is different type of Electroplating Line:-

Side Arm Electroplating Line

This is designed to cater small and light object Plating Line.
Example  : Nickel, AU...plating
              : PCB Copper, Silver, tin… plating
              : Light weight hardware object plating

Caterpillar Electroplating Line
This designed to cater big volume standard product
Example : Hardware, Plastic Copper, Nickel, Cr … plating

Manual Plating Line
The line is not attached with the transporter, all operation are take care by manually

Ancillary System And Equipment
We also offer the high quality plating line accessory equipment such as barrel, rectifier, heater, PP tank, pump and etc

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