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The ideal laboratory environment natures creativity, concentration and collaboration. Design plays a role that is distinct from, but complementary to the roles of science and of technological innovation in the advancement of knowledge and the creation of human benefit. Our designers are concerned with the socially, culturally, and spatially situated application of technologies to meet specific human needs.

Lab Furniture Setup
We have offer the wide range of material for laboratory furniture setup such as wood, melamine (high pressure laminate) phenolic, steel, stainless steel, fiber top, epoxy top and other.

Lab Equipment Setup
We have design and fabricate the lab such as fume cupboard, laminar flow, biohazard safety cabinet, incubator, refrigerator and etc. We have professional designer, fabricator and installer to support the customer and meet the customer requirement. Our designed not only for the functionality and also consider the art design as well to suit the user lab environment

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